A longest wedding in the world : things you will know for the first time, weddings in morocco

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The customs and traditions of the wedding  are different from one country to another , every country has its own way of celebrating the wedding days. Today we choose to talk about Moroccan wedding which  is a long wedding in the world , because it consist of many days in each day there is a  special thing. After the bride and bridegroom have talk about everything and want each other they make the day of engagement, which is one of the most important steps in Moroccan wedding in this day the bride and bridegroom exchanging eating dates and drinking milk,after exchanging the rings to end up by a kiss in the bride forehead then they dance and celebrate until they get tired .

The day after the engagement is Hamam day ( the bride go to the public shower with her friends and girls of the family and spent wonderful time with each other ) in Hamam the bride clean and take care of herself to look beautiful. The day coming after is called the day of Henna . in this day the female friends and the family of bride get present to celebrate with her , the bride dress up a long dress called in moroccan language Takshita in green color and put Henna on her hands and feet .In Moroccan culture Henna considered like good luck for the bride.

The next day after Henna’s day is the wedding night .In the wedding night the bride wear from 4 to 8 dresses its depend on the money she has ,because each dress with it price ,and each dress has a different color. If the bride want Amriya she do it Amariya ( is kind of wood chair which decorated in an amzing way ) with four men wearing in the same way to carry the bride on the Amriya and do amzing dances . When they want to end the bride wear the white one to go with her husband. In moroccan in each wedding you will find fried chickens as first dish ,after it dircetly red meat with plum, and fried almonds .As third dish is fruits. In some wedding when the family has money they served what called bastilla before all those dishes i mentioned . After the dinner when the wedding is near to finish they served a collection of cakes with tea ,or juice.

After dancing and eating in the wedding night the bridegroom takes his wife to home, then in the morning the family of the bride go to their daughter home ,and take with them the breakfast and gifts .

Wait we have not done yet they still did not finish !

The last step in the Moroccan wedding is the following, after a week after marriage the family of the bride go to their daughter home ,and stay a day or half with her. It like going to give her a permission to go out ,because before this day she could not go out .