Fascinating way of dress up in some Moroccan region

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fascinating moroccan dress up

Moroccan traditional clothing is a collection of traditional and folk clothing that has been preserved and still maintained by Moroccans for centuries. There is no doubt that traditional dress is an integral part of heritage, and heritage is one of the necessary ingredients for the construction of civilization. So we choose to talk about : fascinating moroccan dress up.

The most important characteristic of traditional dress in Morocco is the great diversity it derives from the momentum and cultural and geographical diversity that characterize the whole country.

The Moroccan dress and its culture have been able to extend the ages of the different cultures that have passed through it, especially the ones that have coexisted in it ,the Amazigh, Arab, Andalusian, Sahrawi, Islamic and even Jewish character and others have their mark on Moroccan dress.

Thay why in morocco you will find that the the way people dress up  is different from one city to another for example the way they dress  in East is different from the South , you will feel like if you are not in one country when you travel from one Moroccan city to another .

So we will do our best to show you different clothes in morocco , and gives you an idea about different types of clothes and cultures in Morocco. Even if its not a a large country but it has a huge and rich cultures and different things that may you see for the first time , so we will focus on clothes that you will see for the first time  , because its rare or maybe it use only in occasions.

Traditional Moroccan clothes relate to each region

we will start with Amazigh clothes that look amazing and we are sure you gonna love it. In the daily life in Amazigh villages women wear in tradional way. And if the woman go out side without that dress others will say that she is shameless and there in village people care about their names and pay attention to that things .

In occasions like wedding women dress up in a beautiful way using jewelry made of silver , and tradional make up to look more beautiful .While men dress up what called djlaba and knife hanging on their shoulder .

In South women in daily life they wear what called in moroccan arabic  lmlhfa , which is a long piece of dress that rolling around their badies . In wedding they wear most of the time black and white color and sometimes brown with white with drark make up you never find a bride in saraha with light make up .

Men in saraha always wear what called Daraa you can find it in two color blue and white .

In East in people belong to Jbala women wear always a hat made by hand with beautiful colors , and a piece of dress tie up on their middle .

In other cities women wear in modern way but in occasions the clothes are different for exaple in fez a bride wear a heavy dress with jewelry.

fascinating moroccan dress up