The Delicious and special dishes in Morocco – Moroccan food

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The Delicious and special dishes in Morocco, traditional moroccan cuisine

Moroccan food are so diverse in color and flavor. And are very healthy and rich of vitamines because most dishes contain vegetables and rely on the whole grains , in addition to that are always freshly prepared.

Moroccan dishes can not be mentioned in limited pages that why you should try and see the diversity of food, and every season characterized by its food , that why It is difficult  to mention all dishes ,but i will try to mention the common ones i will start with the first one which is :

Tagine :

tajine-morocco, traditional moroccan cuisine, moroccan tagine dishes,
Moroccan Tagine
moroccan food near me
moroccan tagine

in moroccan tagine is the clay cooking pot at the same time the name of the dish, and it charactrized by it varieties there are many types of Tagine, there is a Tajine of  beef and vegetables, chicken and vegetables, chicken with onion and raisin, balls of crunched Sardine, different types of  fish, lamb, and so on.

you can discover how to cook mroccan tagine in this article : How to prepare Moroccan Tagine step by step

Couscous :

couscous moroccan, best couscous marrakech
moroccan food near me
couscous moroccan

Is another common pot in morocco its served with meat and vegatables and in moroccon culture its prepred every Friday and it served with buttermilk. And it is also like Tajine has varieties , there is a Couscous of seven vegetables , chicken, meat , and Couscous with Tfya which is a mixed raisin and onion are very sweet .

Vegetarian food :

loubia Moroccan, moroccan cuisine recipes, Vegetarian food
moroccan food near me
loubia Moroccan

Vegetarian food include lentils which called in moroccan language addis .And

  • loubia : which is kidnay beans cooked in tomato sauce.
  • Bissara : is soup made from dried beans served with mush and Moroccan bread , and olive oil.

Moroccan sweats and cakes :

Pastilla :

Pastilla Moroccan, morocco pastilla
moroccan food near me
morocco pastilla

 is Pastilla papers stuffed with chicken and nuts, or stuffed  with seafruits. You can find it in many restaurants in Morocco .

Briouats :

Briouats Moroccan, moroccan dishware, meals in morocco
moroccan food near me
Briouats Moroccan

its also made of pastilla papers stuffed with Almond or other nuts in the shape of triangle fired and dunked in honey.

Shbakiya :

Shbakiya Moroccan
moroccan food near me
Shbakiya Moroccan

Is a Moroccan fired cake, dunked in honey with  some sesame seeds on the top of it , in Morocco you can find it in every home in Ramadan because it is obligatory in Iftar (the first meal after fastin all the day ).

Moroccan mixed salad :

Zaalouk-Maroccan, zaalouk morocco
moroccan food near me
zaalouk morocco
  • Zaalouk which eggplant , tomato and gralic.
  • Tktouka made of peppers , tomatoes and spices.

Refissa :

Rfissa Maroccan
moroccan food near me
Rfissa Maroccan

Which made of chicken and grains in addition to lmlwi ( a kind of bread in morocco ) in addition to a Moroccan ingredient called in arabic ras lhanot which is a mixed of Aromatic herbs, it is very delicious dish and in Moroccan culture when a woman gives a birth to a baby other women in family prepared it to her and invite people to it .

Moroccan Harira :

Harira Moroccan
moroccan food near me
Harira Moroccan

You can not visit Morocco with trying Moroccan Harira (soup in a Moroccan way ) it is very delicious and rich because it is contain grains, tomatoes, and  celery and other ingredients.

Mourouzia :

is a name given to a special dish in traditional Moroccan cuisine, originally prepared in a traditional clay pot, the Moroccan “tajine”.The traditional dish is prepared for occasions , espicially in the on the Eid-al adha ( is a muslims celebrating every year ). Is a sweet dish which often prepared using lamb or beef , honey , Cinnamon and other spices, and nuts .

Berkoksh :

It is a traditional Moroccan Amazigh dish eaten especially in the winter and is prepared with coarse macaroni granules of regular couscous, either soup with milk or with tomato sauce or vegetables and meat.

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