10 signs you should not ignore in your dog or you will lose him or her

10 signs you should not ignore in your dog
10 signs you should not ignore in your dog

We all loves pets and consider them our friends or a member of our family, and we can not imagine one day we gonna lose them that why we should pay attention to many signs in our dog body, because our dogs can not speak to tell us when something is wrong in their bodies. Some signs are obvious such as wound or lump, but other can not be easy to be noticed and confusing you. So let discover signs you should not ignore in your dog that could signal serious sickness :

1- Difficulty breathing :

Changes that happen in breathing can be a serious problem that may lead to death, because dogs and cats too are small animals that has small respiratory tracts, only small problem in breathing can make him or her lose his/her life quickly.

Coughing, panting more than normal, fatigues easily, or suddenly has loud or noisy breathing all that things needs immediate examination by your veterinarian .

2- Unexplained weight loss :

Losing weight quickly with an unexplained reason it can be a sign of a serious problem, because losing weight in unexplained manner could be a result of metabolic disorders, neuromuscular diseases, cancer, and heart disease. Losing  weight may also come from dietary causes including a loss of appetite .

3- Changes in chewing, eating and drinking habits :

If you notice that your dogs have difficults in chewing that is a sign

that there is something wrong in their mouth that could be dental or gum disease, a broken tooth or tooth resorption .

4- Fever :

Veterinarian said : “when your dog’s fever spikes, it usually means his body is fighting an contagion . The normal fever in dogs is 100.5 to 102.5°F. If your dog feels warm to you and his fever is upnormal, make an engagement with your veterinarian .

5- Vomiting or diarrhea :

If your dogs vomits or has a bout of diarrhea as the result of eating something she shouldn’t have, that should makes yoy worry about your dogs. interminable vomiting or diarrhea are signals of an implicit problem that needs your veterinarian’s attention .

6- Red eyes :

If your dogs suffer from redness in the whites zone of their eyes that could be a sign of a much bigger problem, because it’s a sign of inflammation or infection that signals one of several diseases .

7- Itching and biting :

Many of the things can  make our dogs itch, which make us squirm too such as fleas, ticks and mites. But some causes aren’t so obvious, for example  hormonal problems, staph infections, yeast infections or fungal infections. So be careful about those signs of scratching, licking and chewing — especially if there’s hair loss, scratches or skin irritation around the site .

8- Hair loss :

We all know that the dogs hair fall but what is not normal is that hair that comes out in patches or noticeable bald spots are more than a nuisance.

The reason behind hair loss can be hypothyroidism, ringworm that why you should wear gloves before you take a closer look .

9- scratching their ears incessantly :

you should pay attention to your dogs behavior, because if your dogs scratching their ears that can be awarning for you, because it is a sign that your dogs are suffering from fleas, dry skin, mange, or other skin problems .

10- chasing their tail a lot :

may it sound normal because many dogs love to play with their tail, but if you notice that your dogs are chasing their tail a lot that is a sign that they are suffering from an ear infection known as labyrinthitis.