The Moroccan sheepdog, Dog beldi

Body characteristics :

The Moroccan sheepdog is characterized by its double-coat fur, which is thick and dense, and may be wavy sometimes, and the color of its fur is mix of black and white. Sometimes the whole fur is black, and others white, that depend on the color of his or her parents. In addition to that the Moroccan Shepherd Dog is tall and large in size. Ranging in length from 56 cm to 66 cm, this type of dogs characterized by their speed, lightness of movement, moreover this type are very flexible.

Food :

Moroccan sheepdog characterized by eating two types of food the first one is from animals origin like: meat, chicken, birds, fish and so on.
The second one is from vegetal origin such as bran mixed with boiled water.
the mentioned food is food that you can preper at home. And there are food which are ready in the supermarket, which has prepred by sepcial compnies.

health problems :

Usually the sheepdog have some health problems, which are hereditary in the strain, such as the following: Thigh joint malformations, Malfunction of the elbow tissue, Stomach expansion, and Spinal cord abnormalities.
In the addition to Itching , louses.
So the sheep herders should keep watching their dogs health from while to another.