4 convincing reasons that will makes you avoid animal products

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Friday, November 1 marked 75 years since the founding of vegan society by English animal right advocate and his association. Vegans don’t  use or consume animal products, also they don’t eat meat because they follow a plant-based diet. That why we choose to talk about 4 convincing reasons that will makes you avoid animal products

1- It’s good for the planet :

« We must immediately eat less meat, and change the way manage earth in order to stop the climate crisis » Scientists said.

The united nations scientists in August said that in a climate change report  « eating less meat and reducing food waste could decrease global greenhouse gas emissions , and benefit our health and the environment.

According to the world wildlife fund (WWF) the meat consumption is a big contributor to global warming, agriculture is responsible for around a ¼  og humankind ‘s direct, global greenhouse gas emissions, with livestock contributing about 14.5%.

raising animals for food is requiring the production of feed and fertilizers that lead to greenhouse gases not mention the methane that comes from cows.

According to  the world wildlife fund livestock farming is also requires land to be cleared . Beef and soy are the leading reasons to global deforestation, while the production of meat, dairy, poultry and seafood also contributes to habitat loss and water use.

2- It could be good for your health :

Because of its health benefits vegan diet is adopted by many people.

According to a study published in july sticking to plant-based diet  could help to decrease your risk of to type 2 diabetes.

Dr.Qi Sun, an associate professor in the department of nutrition at Harvard T.H  Chan school of public health in Boston and senior author of the paper published in the journal JAMAL Internal Medicine says : «  we found that eating plant-based diets was associated with, on average , 23% reduction in diabetes risk. »

While another study that was published in the journal of the American heart Association found that sticking to an overall plant-based diet or diet that includes more plant foods than foods from animal origins could be related with a 16% reduce danger of cardiovascular illness and up to 25% reduce danger of early death.

3- Animal welfare :

A way of health benefits some people choose to vegan for animal welfare reasons, according to UK animal rights organization animal aid.

Being vegan is one of the best  things you can do for animal cruelty.

Some people disagree with the slaughter of animals thats why they abstain from eating meat. And they choose to follow a fully vegan diet, because they believe the conditions that animals are kept in to produce common food items such as meat, eggs, milk, cheese and honey contribute to the creatures suffering.

4- Being vegan is easier than ever :

Veganism may once have been seen as a tricky diet to cater for, but nowadays it is easier than before you will find restaurants are offering vegan dishes, and supermarkets are bursting with plant-based alternatives in developed countries around the world.

You have no more an excuse to not being a vegan, because even KFC launcged a vegan burger in the UK in june, McDonal’s started offering meatless burgers in Germany, and in the US.

4 convincing reasons that will makes you avoid animal products