5 Things you should not do after eating, to benefit from food

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Bad habits should be avoided after eating, to benefit from food

Many of us may follow some of the wrong habits after eating food, those habits that would be excessive in weight, as well as exposure to some of the diseases. So we will tell you what not to do after eating. And the most important habits that people do everyday without knowing about it danger, and the damage that can do in our bodies.

1 – Sleeping :

Sleeping directly after eating foods can lead to many health problems  because Lying down or sleeping after a meal, makes the acidic gastric juices flow into the esophagus, increasing the feeling of internal burning, and overeating, increasing pressure on the diaphragm, which causes snoring, shortness of breath, and Increases obesity rates, as it is always recommended to sleep two hours after eating. That why it is better to eat meal half an hour or more before going to sleep to avoid those problems Open next page .