5 Things you should not do after eating, to benefit from food

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Bad habits should be avoided after eating, to benefit from food

Many of us may follow some of the wrong habits after eating food, those habits that would be excessive in weight, as well as exposure to some of the diseases. So we will tell you what not to do after eating. And the most important habits that people do everyday without knowing about it danger, and the damage that can do in our bodies.

1 – Sleeping :

Sleeping directly after eating foods can lead to many health problems  because Lying down or sleeping after a meal, makes the acidic gastric juices flow into the esophagus, increasing the feeling of internal burning, and overeating, increasing pressure on the diaphragm, which causes snoring, shortness of breath, and Increases obesity rates, as it is always recommended to sleep two hours after eating. That why it is better to eat meal half an hour or more before going to sleep to avoid those problems .

2 – Drinking tea or coffee :

Despite the many benefits offered by drinking tea in moderate quantities, such as reducing the risk of heart and arteries, and reducing diabetes, and the provision of antioxidants that help the body to resist the symptoms of aging, but drinking after meals, prevents the absorption of iron. So that Tea contains polyphenols, which bind iron in plant foods internally, and reduce absorption, so prefer to drink it at least an hour after eating. The same thing concerning coffee it should be avoid after  eating meals .

3 – Taking a shower :

The process of digestion requires a large energy that requires a large flow of blood to the stomach to finish the process, and taking a warm bath immediately after food increases the body temperature, rather than cooling, and thus increase the amount of blood flowing around the skin, to allow the heat out, and reduce The amount of blood required by the stomach for digestion, which makes it difficult for the process, so it is advisable to take a bath after eating 30 minutes, to ensure the completion of digestion successfully .

4 – Smoking :

After meals, smoking is one of the bad things that kill human health and destroy it, how if smoking after eating immediately? Smoking immediately after meals to increase the incidence of cancer, so that smoking a cigarette, ten cigarettes when smoking after eating foods, and smoke contains 60 carcinogens, in addition to other ingredients, such as nicotine, and tar, which leads to emphysema. And shortness of breath, as it adversely affects the muscles of the colon, and causes ulcers in the stomach .

5 – Eating fruits :

We always hear about the necessity of eating fruits, which contain fiber and simple sugars, which facilitate the process of digestion. Most fruits except bananas and dates pass through the stomach to the intestine within 20 minutes of eating. To be divided in the intestine, and may hang fruits eaten during meals Food, or after, in the stomach, between the contents of different foods, making it difficult to reach the intestines in time, so that spoil and perish inside the stomach. So preferably eat in the morning and before eating, on an empty stomach. So the body can use the best nutrients found in Fruit, and get enough energy  to start your day.

things not to do after eating