6 Tips for spending life, with high spirits and good health

Tips for spending your life with high spirits and good health
Tips for spending your life with high spirits and good health

Most people have faced depression and problems last year. Due to many reasons, social reasons, health reasons, bad organisation of time, or problems in social relations. Which affect your health physically or mentally, and make you feeling depression and disappointment. In this article we gonna show you Tips for spending your life with high spirits and good health. Starting with personal then moving to all things surround you.

1- Time organisation:

Before staring your week or your day, make sure that you have oraganised all your time and make a schedule for all your activities, in order to give each activity enough time. For example:

  • Select hours of work every day.
  • Select hours of siting friends or family.
  • Select hours of shopping.
  • Select hours for your hobbies.
  • Select hours for reading or searching on the net.

And you can make your schedule as you want, depending on the nature of your work, and your responsibilities. And avoiding overlap between times. For example: bring your work at home instead of siting with your family; always leave the work at work place .

2- Enough sleep:

Whatever is your work and your occupations. You have to sleep enough hours, which are between 7 to 8 every night. To be comfort physically and mentally. To help your organs to work in a good way.

If you have problems in sleeping, such as having difficulties in sleeping, or insomnia. Check the following article: 10 Tips for Better and comfortable Sleep.

3- Building new social relations:

Make sure to know new people, and building social relations in your environment or out of it.

Sit with childrens less then 10 years old, to get rid of depression.

Sit with old people more then 64 years old, in order to gain experience and hope in life .

4- Eating healthy food:

Make sure to have balanced food, by eating vegetables moslty and chicken and fish. Avoid eating fast food and fried food. Avoid alcohol and gaz drinks. Avoid drinking coffee all the day .

5- practicing sport:

Practicing sport in regular way help to gain an active and flexible body. And sport it helps also to get rid of venoms in your body. And it helps also to remove Overweight. In addition to that it make your organs work in a good and active way.

You have to practice sport everyday, and make schedule for it even if you are very busy. At least walking for 30 min each day .

6- Travel and spending holidays:

Travel and changing the environment helps gain new positive engry, and break the monotony of life.

Make sure to spend your holidays in different places, and recognize other cultures in continuous way. >12 Breathtaking places you must visit before you die.

At last i want to say that life is very short, and we should live it love and hope.

Tips for spending your life with high spirits and good health