8 Things men hide from their wives

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Things that men prefer to hide from their wives

We all know that husband and wife love each other and share all things about life, We know also how important it is to be open and honest with our partner. But let’s be real there are somethings that men prefer to hide from their wives. No matter how long they have been married or how well they  know each other. The secrets men keep are shocking but what’s more surprising are the reasons they keep them. In this article we will recognise a 8 Things men hide from their wives :

8- Husbands snoop through their wives’ emails and phones :

Curiousity lead men to check their wives computers and phones. Because they feel unsure about where the relationship is going sometimes, and they are  uncertain about asking

7- Never Getting You Back to Himself After Kids :

After giving a birth to a kid the biggest fear for men is that they are  not going to get their wife back and that their children are taking over.

That’s why it is better to talk while pregnancy about how to stay close to your wife without losing your closeness after having kids to avoid having fear about losing the closeness of the wife

6- He’s insecure about his body :

Everyone goes through this. Upbraid it on baby weight, life changes, or selecting Netflix and wine over the gym. But no one’s self confidence is always sky-high.

You will notice that your husband trying to hide his stomach by covering it or something complain about that he needs to the gym

5- When We’re Hurt :

Men always prefer to hide their pain when they got hurt, and keep saying i am fineHave those words ever come out of their mouth, even if they are not fine.

Some men think that being hurt is a weak that why they prefer to keep silent and not sharing what they hurt them with their wives

4- Being Publicly Criticized :

Men always dislike to be criticized or corrected in front of their children, their friends, or in front of a stranger because that is like insult for them, and sometimes that will makes them feel that they have a weak personality

3- Not Making Enough Money :

Nowadays men prefer to hide their actual earnings from their wives, especially if they are not making enought money, it’s getting harder for men to prove their manhood by providing for a family. Many men are comfortable in a dual-earner household and appreciate having a wife who supports the family with him. But not all men are that secure. Regardless, men worry about making enough money, period

2- His man dates :

After work men sometimes go to have a drink with friends or a co-worker, prefer to hide that from their wives instead of having questions on why they picked up beer over their

Experts say : If your husband is hiding his bro dates, he likely doesn’t feel like he’s had any say in your relationship. “Both of husband and wife need individual time with their friends, and if our husband hides this from you, he’s may be resenting you for not giving him freedom,” she says .

If you feel that he’s not daily truthful about his post-work Blue Moon, take the lead and suggest he have a night out with his friends and express how important it is to you that he has healthy friendships. And then, go ahead and schedule your own girl’s night, because you most certainly deserve it

1– Men wish their wives brought home more money :

Some husbands wish their wives spend less money in shopping or in other things, and contributing more money to the household.

husbands hide secrets from their wives for many reasons. They’re ashamed, they don’t want to show weakness, and they don’t want to upset or anger their wives.