8 Things women hide from their husband

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Women characterized by their own personality. They always prefer to stay an enigma for others and keep their lives away of people and social media especially their personal lives. But what can not imagine and comes to our mind is that women could hide things from their husband.

Women prefer to hide many things from their husbands. We gonna talk about 8 common things women hide from their husband :

1- Old relationship :

Many women keep their past as a secret. And does not share their emotional relationship that they go through in the past. Your wife will never be honest about the number of men that she has made love with.

And sometimes keep loving someone from their past and they can forget him and keep it secret

2- Bank accounts :

Many women keep their bank accounts as a secret. That because of many reasons. The first one is that what they learnt from their mothers. Mothers always advise their daughters to keep their bank account hidden from their husband. The reason behind that is that in case of the relationship has fails women will win that money. In addition to that secret bank account may give them a feeling of security, and life insurance in the case that divorce happen oneday

3- Dislike towards some from your family :

Some wives are not able to tell their husband about their dislike to someone from his family. That why they prefer to keep it as a secret. The same thing concerning friends you may find a wife dislike a husband’s friend. But keep it as a secret and never tell their husbands about that

4- Connecting with your ex girlfriend :

What can not comes to your mind, is that some women keep in touch with ex girlfriend of their husbands without their knowledge, that because they have a strong desire to know details about ex life of their husbands.

And the ex girlfriend can give a wives many information, which will help them to understand husband’s behavior. Also to know things that their husbands love or hate. Moreover to know if the husband was loyal in his ex relation or not

5- Health issues :

When a health issue becomes big and a cause for worry. Women go to their mothers till they investigate it all by themselves. They somehow feel that this illness will disappear by itself and there no need to distress their husband. Even though husband may be the best upholding to lean on

6- Wrong habits :

Smoking or having an extra drink with friends, long conversations with friends over the phone. These are the small wrong habits that women would like to keep to themselves

7- Secret social media account :

Some women create a social media account without their husband knowledge, in order to spy on their husbands, and pretend that they are someone else to see if their husbands are faithful or not

8- The real reason why she is upset :

Women prefer to hide the reason of their madness and their anger, may be because she is upset from something that she makes her feel that she has no right to criticize you for.