8 Signs That Your Body Is Asking For Help

8 Signs That Your Body Is Asking For Help
8 Signs That Your Body Is Asking For Help

Being busy with everyday life, makes people unable to notice the signs and messages that their body send to them, which could be warning from dangerous diseases. In this article we will recognize 8 Signs That Your Body Is Asking For Help.

1- Gum bleeding :

If your gums begin to bleed overnight and are permanently bleeding when you brush your teeth, it perhaps means you are deficient in vitamin C. Just try to eat more fruits and vegetables that contains of vitamine C, such as spinach, green and red peppers, tomatoes, cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli, after consultation of the dentist of course.

2- Dry skin :

The dry climate can lead dry skin. Hot baths and showers are also has a relation to dry skin. Although it is soothing and restful, the heat can affect your skin, mostly if it is sensitive. Highly chlorinated pools also have a negative drying impact on the skin. Hydration just after a swim or shower is fundamental to look after healthy skin

3- Fragile hair :

Using heated devices, like hair dryers or straighteners, can dry your hair.Too much and aggressive brushing can also weaken them.

Using hair dyes full of with chemicals makes it possible to have the color you want or to cover the white hair, but these products can weaken your hair and make it dry and fragile. So, if you can, try to opt for natural dyes.

4- Brittle nails :

Nails can become more weak with age and this happens most often in women. But age is not the only reason. The long-term use of nail refine containing chemicals can harm your nails. So try to do without it or use an organic product without chemicals.

Fragile nails can also be the result of hormonal imbalance, or lack of vitamins B and C, and minerals like zinc and iron

5- Bloating :

Eating too fast can lead bloating after ending a meal. That why you have to eat just more slowly.

A diet high in fat can also cause bloating, as digestion takes a little longer. It is therefore approved to limit the weekly amount of foods rich in fat and mostly to raise good fats that are profitable to health.

You may also have a food fanaticism that causes your stomach to hugeness every time you eat a particular food. If you are not sure which food it is, consult a specialist who will guide you.

6- Cravings :

Hormonal imbalances or shortage of leptin (satiety hormone) can often cause cravings.

These may also express a need for specific foods because the body has a lack of specific essential nutrients. For instance, an omega-3 deficiency triggers cravings for cheese

7-Rings around irises :

These rings of white color around the colored part of the eye can appear in people over 50, which is quite popular. If it appears in a much younger person, it may mean that the person has high cholesterol, and it is a fat accumulation. If this happens, you will need to see a doctor.

8- Headache :

What usually cause a headache, is an infection, a cold or fever due to congestion and inflammation of the sinuses.

Emotional stress, lack of sleep, depression,over-medication and skipping meals tend to add up and can have a huge and unhealthy effect on your brain and lead to headaches. Your environment also affects your well-being. This can include strong perfumes, passive smoking or specific foods.