7 Things you should not do with your Phone

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Things you should not do with your Phone

Years ago the mobile phone was only used to call others, but nowadays the mobile phone is used to do many things such as taking pictures, searching on the web, using social media in other to make friends around the world, loading games or application and so on. But as users of mobile phones we sometimes do things that should be done at all without paying attention to our device which may lead to damage. So let see Things you should not do with your Phone in order to make them work in a good way without problems .

1- putting in battery improvement apps :

You have seen many apps within the App Store, that claim to double battery life, or offer you a lot of valuable time on your phone while on the move. But a lot of those apps simply kill all the apps running within the background in order to elongate your battery life. In fact that this reduces battery life a load of continually killing apps as before long as they are closed puts a lot of load on the battery, that why you should let  your phone itself manage these background services, in order to save your phone battery from these apps that kill it .

2- putting in those pretend apps :

They are not use some and might cause damage to your phone. Apps that claim to afford options to your phone presently does not have square measure continually pretend. Apps that claim to afford “fast charging” to a phone that does not  have it will  damage batteries or perhaps worse because of the phone damage. The manufacturer of the phone did not place the feature on the phone for a reason, so do not install, or allow apps to try and do things the phone was not created for, in order to save your phone from damage .

3- Forgetting to update the phone :

Being always busy make us forget many things even if they are very important, but your phones keep reminding you to update it and that does not need a long time or a big effort it needs only few second to give your phone new life or new look instead of keeping the old version. By updating your phone you will be able to benefit from new version that afford you new services, updating sometimes embrace nice upgrades or new options which will build your life easier. So next time your phone pings you to update, take some period have a drink and update it, you will regret it eventually if you do not .

4- Downloading antivirus apps :

By all download antivirus in order to save our phones from virirus, but are these apps itself save to download them in our phones ??

As long as you transfer your apps from trusty sources like the official app stores there is no real have to be compelled to install associate degree antivirus app on your phone. If you are doing install one among these apps it will add additional load to the phsone’s processor and after all reduce the battery life .

5- do not forget to restart your phone once during a whereas :

a five minute break from our phones will help them even if it not a long period, but you should have a habit to restart your phone which works for weeks or months. Because a restart will abate with the sheer quantity of background apps and cached knowledge they are operating with. By building a habit to restart your phone everydays you will be able to filter out all this background knowledge and apps? for five minutes of it slow you will see a massive improvement, and you will never regret .

6- Downloading apps insecurely :

Before you star downloading an app you should make sure that you are downloading apps securely, because a number of these apps are tampered with giving hackers your personal details and knowledge or perhaps worse will place viruses or malware on your phone. That why we should  not download apps randomly only because our friends tell us about or they use them .

7- Killing the recent or background apps :

we have a habit to open recent apps, and swipe all to shut them in order to achieve a lot of speed, or long battery life. In fact, this does not make your phone quicker, and it might cause damage to it. This affect the battery and it will reduce it life. So the only thing you can do to make your phone in good sitation is letting the phone manage background processes by itself.

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