10 Tips for Better and comfortable Sleep

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Tips for Better and comfortable Sleep

Nowadays, a lot of people are not aware of the importance of sleep quality for their health and tonus. Sleep are not less important than the right diet and exercise. Good sleep will give you energy for a more effective workout, in addition to that better sleep help to lose extra pounds. A new study shows that, people on a special regime who sleep 8 hours a day have more chance to lose more pounds than those who sleep for 5 hours or less, even if they take the same amount of calories and have the same physical load. This type of people need to follow tips for better and comfortable sleep.

The drawbacks of bad sleep are even more. You body is like a machine need to take a rest, If you do not give your body the necessary rest, the risk for becoming sick are increased. have not enough sleep cause systemic dyspnea leads to low concentration, memory loss, high blood pressure, physical fatigue, diabetes, and heart attack. But you can avoid this. You can help yourself and regulate your sleep without resorting to addictive sleeping medications that have side effects. How? just follow these tips for better and comfortable sleep .….Open next page to learn more.