Uncountable benefits of the green gold : Argan oil of morocco

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Morocco has important wealth from the forests, which help the country economically. And it contain rare trees, such as Argan trees.

Argan is one of the world’s most rare and endangered trees, a perennial tree with enormous capacity to resist drought and fight desertification.It  is spreading is the south places in Morocco and it space is around 830 thousand hectares, and it lives for hundreds years.

The steps to get Argan oil in villages :

women still depend on tradional ways and tools to get the Argan oil, first they go to forests and collect the fruits of Argan and made it in the sun until the shell get dry and then they break it and break the secoond one to get nucleus of Argan. Here the coming step is depend on the type of the Argan oil we want , if we want a oil that use in cosmetics they directly grinding the nucleus and squeeze out the oil using tradional ways and tools. In what matter the Argan oil that use in foods and use in breakfast with bread women bake the nucleus , and during the grinding and squeeke out they add cumin , Spicy red pepper , and salt in order to give it and flavor and keep it fresh for a long time.

The remains that women get when they squeeze out the the Argan oil is used also , they use its as a natural soap to their body and face to make it beauty and clean. Away of cometics women used those remains to feed the cows , goats and sheeps.

What makes Argan special is it oil which export  to the world countries , to be use in curing of a lot of diseases , in addition to it cosmetics benefits. Argan oil has become the focus of great interest by researchers, which made the cooperative producing institutions unable to meet the growing demand in overseas markets,

After discovering the benefits of Argan oil by foreign companies , it become a rich subject which made some people called it the « green gold » or « liquid gold » .

Argan oil consist of 42.8%  of Oleic acid , 36.8%  of Linoleic acid , 6.0% of Stearic acid , 12.0%  of Palmitic acid , and less than 0.5% of Linolenic acid.

The price of Argan is between 100 or 300 dollar for liter , which make it one of the expensive oil in the world.

The specialists says that the Argan oil can cure cholesterol ,Arthritis ,Eczema , Prevention of pregnancy plans on the skin of the abdomen, Strengthen nails ,and control the appearance of wrinkles.Its also fighting the colitis.

What concerning the cosmetics benefits Argan helps to moisturizes and clean the skin , nourishes hair and scalp .Moreover its stimulates vital functions of skin cells , which contributes in resistance of aging , it relieve the effects of acne , fire and wound scare .