8 Warning cancer signs that should not be ignored

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cancer symptoms

Cancer often have no symptoms, that make it easy to be noticed that why sometimes you find someone has cancer for a long time without  his or her knowldge. Which make the treatment difficult because cancer has reached final stages. Here are 8 signs that should never ignored in order to treat cancer in his first stages. Before it becomes difficult or may be impossible.

8- Strange pain :

if you have uncommon pain, then you should pay attention because, it may be a symptom of brain cancer, or bone and testicular cancer which is uncommon or long-lasting. While having chronic pain that does not seem with unexplained reason, and the pain does not  decrease. In this case you should visit a doctor in order to make sure that there is no cancer, and your body is safe

7- Chronic Tiredness :

It is usual to feel tired after a busy day, but if you are suffering from constant fatigue that does not disappear after taking a rest and a balanced diet, that mean that you have something that cause to worry. As  many other cancer signs, tiredness is a symptom shared by dozens of less serious diseases. That why you should not be afraid just because you feel tired. Because it can tired can be caused by many things. That why you should talk to your doctor in order to know tha cause

6- Mouth Sores :

it is important to keep your eyes on any sores that do not appear to be healing in the mouth. Lingering mouth sores, especialy if you are smoking, drinking or use chewing tobacco, because these sores can be an indication of oral cancer. So be careful if there is uncommon white patches inside the mouth or even on the tongue, these patches are known as leukoplakia, this one can lead to oral disease if left untreated

5- Changes in the skin :

The skin cancer considered as one of the simplest kind of cancers, which can be detect soon. So wart, mole, freckle or skin tag that appears to change color, shape or size if you notice one of these things mentioned you should talk to a specialist,  melanoma has another common sign which is dark spots on the skin, especialy when the boundary of the region where discolored happen  starts to disappear. so spending a lot of your job or leisure time outside, here you should take adequate precautions and remain alert to any skin changes

4- The lumps :

Concerning lumps both men and women should examine themselves at least once a month in order to see if there is a breast cancer and testicular cancer or not. Even if is much less prevalent, the cancer’s lumps can also be formed elsewhere that why you should see a doctor when you see unusual lumder under your skin

3- Strange bleeding :

Bleeding is related with various types of cancer, which should never be ignored. When you have blood while coughing that can be a sign of  the lung or throat cancer, this one can cause difficulty in swallowing. If you have blood in your urine or stool, that can be a sign of cancer of the colon, bladder, or prostate. Concerning female this symptom is  associated with cervical cancer, that why they should watch for excessive spotting between periods

2- Fast loss of weight :

If you are not doing any exercise routine, or fresh diet that will explain the rapid weight loss, then you should pay attention because fast weight loss is a symptom certain cancer kinds. For example pancreatic, lung, and stomach cancer. So if you are losing for instance 5 to 10 pounds a week. You should take this as a serious warning and go to doctor

1- Needing to pee more :

in addition to diabetes or UTI which caused the need of pee more than usual, the need to pee more it can also be a sign of pancreatic cancer.