This Is What Happens To Your Body, When You Stop Wearing Underwear

Healthy Or Not ? , This Is What Happens To Your Body, When You Stop Wearing Underwear
This Is What Happens To Your Body, When You Stop Wearing Underwear

Stop wearing underwear, can seems like an odd choice for many people. Because wearing underwear for some people is a routine, like breathing.
People wear underwear before heading to work, school, or the gym. Perhaps you prefer rainbow colored boy shorts over barely -here are bikinis or lace thongs- you have a lot of options and choices out there.

The question is why we wear underwear at all? No one explain to us why people wear underwear. There is only most common reason, which is underwear viewed as a societal norm.’if we are wearing underwear, because that is what we have been conditioned, is it really necessary ?

During our research, we found surprising results that we’d like to share with all of you.

You will be less prone to acid reflux :

Narrow clothes, such as underwear, can push your abdomen up which can create squeeze on your stomach and cause acid reflux, which cause heartburn. Even though this health problem is common among 20-30-year-old adults, stop wearing underwear can lower the chance of acid reflux.

You won’t get a yeast infection that often :

Most of you know about or may have even had issues with bacteria, candida. This bacteria can be found in 20% of women. Even though some might never experience any symptoms, if complexity happen it can cause a yeast infection. Because cotton retains humidity and creates ideal area for bacteria to grow, deciding to not wear panties might lower your chances of getting the infection.

You will feel more comfortable and it will reduce the odor :

Most of us have experienced sweating down there. This humidity gets restrict by your underwear which can raise the odor. Not wearing panties will let the sweat to steam, which will cause in less chafing, and that will keep the odor to a minimum.

Your bikini zone will be safer :

Your bikini zone will be safer.
When You Stop Wearing Underwear

Your intimate parts are made of delicate tissues, similar to your lips. Underwear that are made from fabricated materials and ones that are narrow can cause irritation, wounding, and create infection in your bikini area. The worst part is, it can hurt. Remove of panties and wearing only loose-fitting clothes can minimize and in some cases completely get rid your chances of irritation.

Your intimate area will be less prone to sensitivity and allergies :

Because many clothes, including panties, contain artificial fabrics, colors, and chemicals, they can facilely create an allergic reaction. This reaction can obvious itself as irritation, blisters, rashes, and bumps. In this situation, no underwear means fewer clothes that can cause allergies.

Men also can benefit :

The same goes for men, who can also minimize their chances of irritation and damage. In fact, it can mean less infection and itchiness.More than that, it helps keep the reproductive system healthy, and increase fertility .

What do you think about life without underwears ? Have you tried it before, and if yes did you see any benefits ?