Cheapest countries in Europe that you can visit with few money

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cheapest countries in europe you can visit with few money

As we all know money is the main tool to travel , and see the world ,Sometimes we want to travel ,but we don,t have enough money to go to expensive places , because we don’t have any information about the cheaper places that are beautiful and we can spend great moments at them as we will do in the expensives places or maybe better than expensives places why not .So today we  gonna tell you about beautiful and amazing places in europe that you can visit with few money, so money can not be your problem to spend enjoyable moments in other countries . let start with this country :

1- Poland :

Unlike other expensives countries Poland has always been the most perferable country to student tourists , due to low prices.

So what gonna visit  in Poland ?

In Poland for example you can go to Tatra Mountains, Wawel Castle, Lazienki Park, Krakow Cloth Hall, Slowinski National Park, Jasna Gora Monastery, and so on .

One of  Best cheap hostel in poland is Warsaw Hostel centrum .

Here i will mention three cities that are famous in Poland and you will enjoy visiting it first is the capital of Poland « Warsaw » ,second is « Krakow », and the third one is « Gdansk » .

2- Romania :

If you interested in indigenous architecture style , Romania has a beautiful architecture of the past centuries.

So which cities to visit in Romania ?

Burachest : Is the capital of Romania and has a lot of visiters ,due to it beauty . You can also visit cities like Sibiu, Brasov, and Timisoara.

3- Hungary :

If you went to Hungary visit the capital city Budapest , even if Budapest is cheap you should visit also Drebecen which is more cheaper then Budapest .

The bridges, the old gothic architecture, the amazing bath parties, the cheap food, and beer.everythings in Hungary makes you love it.

4- Greece :

So what is the most places that tourists love in Geece ?

You can, t go t Greece without visiting the most beatiful cities like Santorini , Athens , and Rhodes .

5- Albania :

While taking about the cheapest countries to visit in Europe you should include Albania in your list. In this city you spend 10 euros a day in food including drinks . In addition to Albania youu can visit surrounded cities like Riviera.

6- Turkey :

Is one of the beatiful and quite cities in Europe is rich in culture, you can eat in low prices. And  hotels with great locations have become affordable to budget travelers. There’s no shortage of markets, mosques, and attractions for even a longer stay, and everywhere else in Turkey is cheaper.

So when you go Turkey visit those three amazing cities : Istanbul (Istanbul is a huge city with well over 1,000 hotels and guesthouses ), Pamukkale, and Antalya.

7- Croatia :

Is one of the cheapest countries in Europe , The food is great, the weather is even better and the prices don’t hurt if you stay away from tourist hotspots. The best way to explore this country is definitely by car and preferably in early summer.