The Best Places you should Visit when you go to Morocco

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best places to visit in morocco

We all  know that morocco is famous for its natural beauty like golden sands in sahara , beaches and squares and so on . Today we  would like to to tell you about some beautiful cities in Morocco that you should visit if you want to enjoy your time and have great moments with friends or with your family , even if you go alone to Morocco you will fastly find new friends that will makes you feel like if you are in your country among your family. So let’s discover those cities:

1- Marrakesh :

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This city characterized by it weather which is in most of times sunny .that will help you to visit and do a lot of things like trying street food like snails which widespread in moroccan cities and it a common food in streets in addition to grill and juices you can find that in a big square called Djemma el Fna  especially at night. In marrakesh instead of staying in a hotel you can stay at a traditional riad then you feel like home and it more comfortable than hotel.

2- Fez :

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Is an old city in morocco is characterized by its architecture, and it has the Quaraouiyine university which is the oldest one in morocco and the Mellah or Jewish Quarter. And you can find the best clothes and bags made my hand using the skin of animals in fez.

3- Essaouira :

Essaouira, morocco tourist attractions, best cities in morocco

In this city you can find yourself in a calm and beatiful place, even if it narrowinf streets. here in Essaouira you will notice that houses are painted in red and blue color. The city  is known for its quality seafood restaurants, in addition to a world music festival which named Gnaoua which take place every year in june.

4- Chefchaouen :

Chefchaouen, best cities in morocco, morocco tourist attractions

Even if this city is small but is attractive , in the town you will notice that all houses and streets are painted in blue and white color which give the town clear light. In addition to this name the city called also the blue pearl . To make tourists more comfortable many of hotel are been built.

5- Merzouga :

Merzouga, morocco tourist attractions, best cities in morocco

Is a small city which can consider like a door to wilderness of sahara , where you can find  many operators offer camel safaris. You can go to Merzouga without trying to put your body under the sand to feel comfort as every visiter do.

6- Meknes :

Meknes, morocco tourist attractions, best cities in morocco

It called also the capital ismailiya , the old city is surrounded by a big wall called sour el ismaili was built to protect the city .it contains big gates like bab mansour .Its a big square which called Lhdim in this on you can find everything you want food , drinks , animal like monkeys ,horses . it like the square in marrakesh .also you has one of the puzzling place which is the prison of Qara they says that has no end and all people enter that place can never back and all people that went to discover the end of it have never comeback.

7- Dakhla :

Dakhla, morocco tourist attractions, best cities in morocco

Is a touristic city located at South ,is a peninsula that extends inside the sea by a distance of about forty kilometers, which makes it floating in the ocean, that why it called Dakhla which mean it is inside the sea . And most of it days are sunny. Every year Dakhla celebrate the festival of Dakhla which special in arabic music and folklore since 2008.