the 7 delicious dishes that you can eat when you go to turkey

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As everywhere and every  nation  has its own culture different from others so that it enjoyable travel , and discover culturs and foods and customs of other nations , in this subject we will discover the  turkish culture . The Turkish cuisine characterized by different , special , and very wonderful dishes . We all know that you can not  go somewhere as a tourist without having a curiosity to try the traditional ,or the common dishes there. So today we will discover the best dishes that you  can try when you go to turkey.

Turkish desserts : Baklava :

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delicious dishes in turkey
baklava cheesecake, turkish desserts

is one of popular dish in turkey , it is a kind of sweet cake which is rish , because it stuffed with  pistachio . And turkish people consumes it espcially in occasions , and it present to guests to show them that you are happy by guests coming.This cake originates from the Ottoman Empire. Baklava can be found everywhere in turkish streets .

Shish Kebab :

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Shish Kebab, traditional turkish food

Is a classic dish that you can find at most restaurants . This on is either chicken , beef ,or lamp grilled and served with rice , salad ,and fried potato .It can look simple  but its very delicious .

Turkish apple tea :

turkish apple tea
turkish apple tea

Apple tea is the most delicious tea in the world , and you can find it in every cafe , restaurant , and home in turkey.In turkey you can notice that even shop owners sit down to drink a tea with their customers it can look  a  good sales techninque but its the turkish hospitality .

Karniyarik :

Karniyarik, turkish pide

Is a eggplant stuffed with meat ,onion,black pepper ,tomatoes ,and parsley. This dish served warm. And can be found everywhere in Turkey .

Corn on the cob :

Corn on the cob, ear of corn
Corn on the cob

in turkish streets the smoke is everywhere you will have a curiosity to know what happen over there you find one of the famous food in turkey which grilled corn on the cob it a perfect fast food .

Simit :


A popular street food that you can find between pretzel and a bagel . Is a cheapest fast food , its a circular bread encrusted with sesame seeds you can eat it with jam , cream or cheese .

Turkish mezze :

turkish mezze
turkish mezze

You can ,t go to turkey without trying Mezze which consist of yogurt with herbs, hummus , vine leaves stuffed with rice , meat balls , and eggplant salad , without forgetting white cheese.This dish commonly served with a drinks or before a meal it a best thing to star with .