How to travel cheap: Amazing ideas to spend holiday with less cost

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how to travel cheap

Travel is an amazing thing, that makes us forget our daily monotony. Travel makes us also discover new things and new people, but sometimes we find our selves obliged to stay at home instead of going to a vacation because we don’t have money, or our money is enough only to buy our daily needs. Then we obliged to stay in our daily monotony without any changes even if one travel at least per year, but now you do not need to be rich to travel, you can travel with less money that you can imagine; how? if you want to travel with less money here are some ideas to do so.

How to travel the world with few money:

1- choosing where to travel:

First thing you will do after plannig to travel is choosing a cheap country, where you will travel and bear in mind that not all best holiday destinations are expensive, there are cheap places to travel with less money. And would be your dream vacations even if they are cheap countries, that does not matter because what need is to spend great moment and enjoyful time. Here are some examples in this article: Cheapest countries in Europe that you can visit with few money

2- Transportion:

After choosing the place where you will travel, your second step would be like the following: you have to choose the transportion that will take you to the place where you gonna spend your vacation. If you gonna travel by the plane you have to choose the cheapest class instead of travelling in the first class or business class in order to save money, the same thing concern the train.

3- Place to stay and food:

When you arrive to you destination you have to stay somewhere, if you have a friend to stay with that will be better for you, because you gonna save more money, but if you don’t have a friend you have to choose a cheap hotel and avoid the five star hotel and expensive hotels in order to save money.

What concern food you have to avoid eating in expensive restaurants, and eat popular food and streets food which are cheap in order to have enough money to visit the whole city with few money.

4- Guide touristic and keepsake:

Before your travel take time and search for places that are famous in the country or a city, which you decide to visit and try to local of thing and places that you want to see in order to avoid guide touristic, who cost a lot of money.

Concerning the keepsake try to not buy any keepsake in order to save money, just take pictures of what you want to keep as a keepsake.

5- Baggage:

When you decide to travel, do not take with you a lot of baggage take only most necessary things.

6- Choosing best time:

You may not take time into considaration, but bear in mind that time is an important thing, which makes you save more money. You should not travel in weekend and travel in the middle of the week to avoid high prices.

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