The beauty of Sardinia’s beach sand and laws that tourists are not aware of which may lead them to the jail

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Sardinia is a seaboard city in Italy, characterize by wonderful landscapes and the beauty of it beach, which fascinate the tourists around the world.

Sardinia’s beach has a lovely view, which makes all visiters fall in love with it. But in Sardinia’s beach there are laws, which should be followed by all visiters in order to remind all tourists and visiters about laws, there is on beaches warning to visitors that taking sand, or others things such as stones, is illegal and that they risk being fined up to £2,700.

In the last years the two French trourits break the law, because they took with them white sand from Sardinia’s beach. According to the laws of Sardinia, a maximum of six years in jail face the two tourists that took the sand if even, they said that they don’t know that they were breaking law.

After two French tourists being caught with sand allegedly stolen from a Sardinian beach they could be jailed.

The police found the white sand was crammed into 14 plastic bottles in the boot of the tourist vehile as they prepared to ferry to france that sand was taken from the beach of Chia, in the island’s south. The police said that the total of the sand was 40 kg.

the tourists said they had taken the sand as a souvenir and were not aware they were breaking the law.

« The two tourists could be jailed for up to six years on the charge of theft, with the aggravating circumstance of having stolen an asset destined for public utility ».

Sardinia is rich with many stunning beaches and the French tourists are not the first to try to bring some of that beauty home that why Italian authorities have become stricter about the problem in recent years.

 An Italian resident in the UK was fined after stealing sand from a beach near the northern city of Olbia in 2008.

According to reports more than a tonne of sand was found in tourists’ luggage at Cagliari airport during the summer of 2017.