The most delicious dishes in Maldives

most delicious dishes in Maldives, recipe of maldives

As anywhere in the world, the Maldives has it special dishes and ingredients, which makes there foods different from other countries foods. For example in Maldivian cuisine the coconuts is one of the main ingredients, you can find it in many forms like coconut milk, or oil to many dishes.

When you go to Maldives you can notice that fish is mostly present in their cuisine, so if you love fish dishes Maldives will be your paradise you can eat it as you want in different ways: in salad, in soup, fried, smoked and so on. Don,t miss this chance. In addition to that the Maldives has a special dishes, which are it speciality and can not be found somewhere else, we gonna first talk about streets food, because  the first thing we see and we want to try when we travel to somewhere is food that we find in our way in the streets. After foods we will lets you discover the cuisine specialities in the Maldives. So let start :

  1. Bajiya : Is a kind of pastry stuffed with fish, coconut, and onions. This dish is very sweet and delicious .
  2. Kulhi borkibaa : are cakes of spicy fish, as we all know the Maldives is home to a variety of tuna species, so it normal to find many dish contain fish.
  3. Gulha : Pastry balls stuffed with smoked fish , are very sweet and delicious .
  4. Theluli mas : Is a dish of fried fish with chili and garlic . It is very rich and healthy in addition to that being very delicious.
  5. Kavaabu : Fried snacks made from coconut , rice ,lentils , and spices .I mentioned only five streets foods because the list is very long and you should discover those dishes by yourself  to make sure that you have tried everythings without forgetting one of them. After  talking about streets food we would like to move to talk about some dishes which can,t be found somewhere else, because its the Maldivian speciality only, that why  you should not miss the chance trying them, when you go to the Maldives .

Dishes from Maldivian Specialities :

  1. Mas huni : Is a salad of tuna and coconut, in Maldives tradion this dish is eaten in breakfast with bread called chapati. A day strating with rich and delicious dish like Mas huni will be full of energy .
  2. Garudhiya : Is one of favourite dish for maldivians, is a fish soup served with  rice, lime and plenty of chilies.
  3. Kulhi boakiba : Is a fish which have been exist in Maldives for thousands of years,prepared with smoked tuna, grated coconut, chopped chili peppers, ginger and rice.

The most popular dishes in maldivians cuisine are the curries that vary from fish ,chicken ,to vegetable. One of the most delicious and amazing curry dishes is mas riha  made with diced fresh tuna, coconut, peppers, and plenty of fresh chilies.